• Fluency/Stuttering
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    Having a verbal disfluency is sometimes known as stuttering.  However there are many aspects of stuttering and varous types of stuttering.

    Repeating a word "I-I-I want to-to-to play."

    Repeating a phrase "I like-I like to do that every-that every day."

    Repeating sounds "b-b-b-b-ball"

    Cluttering the speech (rapid rate and unclear speech)

    Blocking (mouth tries to form a sound or word but doesn't)

    Pausing a lot while talking

    Stretching sounds out.  FFFFFFarm for farm.

    ---There is not a set cause for stuttering.

    To Do:
    One of the first things we learn is to not draw attention to the disluent behavior.

    Give your child the time to talk.

    Don't interrupt or stop them while speaking.

    Contact your school's Speech-Language Pathologist

    Learning More About Stuttering--LINK