• ONE PILL CAN KILL - Important information for parents from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).
    Parent Information - about Fentanyl (One Pill Can Kill)

    NEED COVID Tests? Please contact the school nurse.
    Tested positive for COVID? Please contact the school nurse.

    Need to contact the School Nurse?
    Elementary Health Office 507-416-2105
    Secondary Health Office 507-417-2606

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    Good Handwashing is the best way to stop the spread of illnesses!

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  • News from the Nurse

    The goal of the health services is to provide a safe and healthy environment for students to stay in school and learn to the best of their abilities. This includes immunization compliance, administering prescriptions and over the counter medications, developing emergency care plans, chronic condition monitoring, vision and hearing screenings, scoliosis screenings, collaborating with a dental hygienist to provide cleanings at school and providing families with relevant health information. The health services work closely with local public health and Minnesota Department of Health.

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