According to our records, we have 10 positive cases reported in the 8th grade (plus 1 reported case in the 7th grade) These numbers exceed our threshold and thus will require a mask requirement for this grouping. Please use the language pasted below in the communication to students and families.

    Note: approximately 15% of this group is absent due to positive cases or quarantine requirements as well.

    Effective dates: 1.19.22 - 2.2.22 (no masks on 2.3.22 if numbers allow)

    Secondary Site (Grade 7-8 group)

    Often times this grouping of students share the same teachers, eat together during lunch period, study halls, Band, and Choir classes are combined, and they generally they are using the same area of the building together. 

    • Consider mandatory masking when approximately 10% of one grade level or the group is absent due to positive COVID testing.

      • (approximately 7 students per grade level or 14 students per grouping)

      • i.e. - if eight 7th graders are absent due to positive cases, both the 7th and 8th-grade students could be required to wear a mask due to their sharing of classrooms, proximity to one another in the building, and the potential for having some classes together. 

    • Consider mandatory masking when approximately 20% or more of the grouping is absent due to positive cases and/or quarantine requirements.

      • (approximately 28 students)

    • 7th and 8th-graders will be required to wear masks outside of the classrooms when a mask requirement is in place for the 9th-12th grade group.

      • 7th and 8th graders are oftentimes in the same areas as 9th-12th grade students, while 9th-12th graders are not generally in the 7th and 8th-grade areas.

    • Meals will be eaten separated from other classes in the cafeteria if possible.

    • Changes to hallway rules, passing time procedures, and all other rules and procedures will be communicated by the building Principal as needed.

    • Distance Learning may be implemented per grade level or per grouping, if deemed necessary due to staff availability and/or students absences due to positive cases and/or quarantine requirements.  The implementation of Distance Learning will be at the discretion of the School Board and Superintendent. 

      • It is difficult to identify an approximate number as the combination of certain grade level classes and the assignments of the staff vary according to grade levels and content areas.

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