• The District will cancel school if it is determined that it is unsafe for students and staff to travel to school. The Superintendent will make a decision to close schools using guidance from the National Weather Service in Chanhassen (Weather Forecast Link).  Reasons for closure may include excessive snow, dangerously low temperatures combined with wind chill, unsafe road conditions, especially as they relate to bus travel, or if it is determined that buses will not operate dependably. The decision will typically be made prior to 5:45am in order to provide adequate notification for commuting families and our students who ride buses. Students should not report to school.

    Decisions to close schools or alter schedules for students are made to insure the safety of students based on information available. It is important to remind students, staff, parents/guardians, and District residents of the school closing procedures and communications to insure student safety and a safe winter for all.

    We will focus on the safety of our students, and more specifically, on the safety of children who are waiting at bus stops or walking to school during the decision-making process. If parents/guardians disagree with the District’s decision to have school, they may always keep their children home, and it would be marked as an excused absence.

    Factors used for deciding on closing school for severely cold weather are based on the National Weather Service’s wind chill forecast and their corresponding frostbite guideline chart (see below). Consideration to delay the start of school or cancel school will be triggered if the National Weather Service projects a 6:30am wind chill temperature of -35°F to -40°F, or greater, with a corresponding frostbite stage in the 5-10 minute range. The decision will also be made if there is a combination of dangerous road conditions and a wind chill that is very cold, but may not be in the above noted threshold.

    Wind Chill Chart

    Should it be determined to start school late, the District will use the same notification system and timelines as those used for a school closure. Buses will operate on a schedule to deliver students in time for a late start and dismissal will be at the regular time.

    If school is cancelled all day, it is at the discretion of the Activities Director and Superintendent to hold varsity practices and contests. Information about cancellations will be shared on the District’s
    Website (https://www.nrheg.k12.mn.us/)
    Activities Calendar (https://gopherconference.org/public/genie/7/school/5/)
    Activities Twitter account (https://twitter.com/NRHEGActivities)
    or through our email/phone notification system. If school is cancelled during the day, all activities hosted by the District will likely be cancelled for that afternoon/evening.

    COMMUNITY EDUCATION (to include Panther Preschool and School Age Care)
    If schools are closed for the day, all daytime and before/after school and evening Community Education activities (including School Age Care and Panther Preschool) are cancelled. Community Education cancellation/delay notifications will also be included on the JMC email & caller sent out in regards to school notifications.

    PANTHER PRESCHOOL:   In the case of a late start, all morning classes will be cancelled but all afternoon classes will be on as scheduled. If schools are dismissed early due to weather, all afternoon preschool classes will be cancelled or dismissed early. If schools are closed for the day, all preschool classes are cancelled for that day.

    SCHOOL AGE CARE:   If there is a late start to school due to extreme cold, School Age Care will open at regular hours (6:30am). If school is delayed due to hazardous road/travel conditions, School Age Care will be delayed in opening as well depending on the adjusted school opening time (typically opening at 8:30am). If school closes early due to inclement weather, parents/guardians will be asked to pick up their child within two hours of the adjust school closing time. If school is cancelled for the day, School Age Care will also be closed.

    COMMUNITY EDUCATION ACTIVITIES/CLASSES/EVENTS: In the case of a late start, all morning activities/classes/events will be cancelled but all afternoon activities/classes/events will be on as scheduled. If school is dismissed early due to weather all afternoon & evening activities/classes/events will be cancelled or dismissed early. If school is closed for the day, all before/afternoon/evening classes, activities, & events are also cancelled.


    The District will notify families directly using the District Website (https://www.nrheg.k12.mn.us/), and our JMC Notification system (email/phone call).  Parents/guardians should make sure phone numbers and email addresses are current to insure phone calls and messages will be delivered correctly.  If you don’t receive notifications, please contact an appropriate building secretary or the District Office.

    The District’s website (https://www.nrheg.k12.mn.us/) and social media accounts are updated to reflect school closing information as soon as possible after the announcement is made.  We ask that, except in an emergency, families please not call the school office because phone lines are needed for administrative use.  An exception is if there is an emergency that the District should be made aware of immediately.  

    Facebook (NRHEG Elementary & NRHEG Secondary School)  

    Announcements will also be made on WCCO-TV, KSTP-TV, KARE 11 TV, FOX 9 TV, KTTC TV, KIMT 3 TV, KROC Radio, KATE Radio, KOWZ Radio, POWER96 Radio, KATKOUNTRY Radio, KRFO AM Radio and KDHL Radio.