In the event of school cancellation (late start, early out, or all day DUE TO WEATHER) classes/activities scheduled during that time will be cancelled (e.g. If my child is in preschool 8:00-11:00am and school has a delayed start of 10:30am - Panther Preschool will NOT have class that morning. If School is dismissed early at 1:30pm you will need to pick your child up from preschool by 1:30pm. If my child is enrolled in an after school arts & crafts painting class at 3:30pm and school is let out at 1:00pm - This class will be cancelled or rescheduled.) 

    Classes/activities running during the evenings or weekends - cancellation notices will be posted on our NRHEG Community Education facebook page and website. 

    Pre-scheduled late start days for teacher PLC meetings - preschool will run as scheduled. This is not included in the WEATHER CANCELLATION notices. 

    If school is to start late or dismiss early due to weather you will receive a call from the District's code red alert system notifying you of school start/ending times. Please call the Community Education Office if you did not receive a phone call from our School District or if you would like more information. 


    Thank You!