• Special Dietary Requests

    According to the National School Lunch Program Act, we are required to adhere to specific Federal regulations for accommodating students with a disability only if the disability prevents the child from eating the regular school meal. The school can only make modifications or substitutes only prescribed by a Licensed Physician.

    Once a child has been diagnosed with food allergies or intolerances, a Special Diet Statement form must be filled out by a Licensed Medical Physician.

    This form must be:
        • Completed and signed by a Licensed Medical Physician.
        • Submitted to the Food Service Director before any meal modifications can be made in the USDA Child
          Nutrition Programs.
        • Updated each time a participant’s diagnosis or special diet changes.

    Special Diet Statement forms can be found at the link below. For further questions, please contact our Food Service Director Sara Meihak at 507-417-2633.

    Lactose-Free Milk Requests

    NRHEG Public Schools will provide lactose-free milk for children with lactose intolerance at no charge with a meal. Parents can request lactose-free milk for their students by filling out the Lactose-Free Milk Request form. Please note that this request must be kept current and submitted yearly. 

    NRHEG's Lactose-Free Milk option is “Mulu”. Any other milk substitution requests will need to be accompanied by completing the “Special Diet Statement” link below.

    Special Diet Statement Form

    Lactose-Free Milk Request Form