From high-impact to low-impact, there is a fitness class for you!

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     Ring The Bell 

    Our Fitness Family believes we can do life better together! We understand that every person is unique, every goal is personal, together we build healthy, happy humans! Ring The Bell workout communities use a wide variety of movements, routines, and challenges based on the strengths of the coach, equipment available, and space provided. This is truly customized group fitness as there will be multiple workout options daily and eventually you will even find multiple options/pathways within each workout to help you achieve your goals! Each day finishes with a 3 minute Knockout Round Workout! Choose daily from an Endurance workout or a Ring The Bell Strength Session. 

  • Other Recreational/Fitness Opportunities Include:

    Please visit our Activities Brochure and Registration links for current class listings and descriptions! 

          Classes currently running or that have ran in the past:

          Ring the Bell Fitness

          Sunday Open Gym

          Bone Builders Exercise Program                               

          Walking Program

          Tae Kwon Do


    If you see a class that is currently not running and you would like to request it in a future brochure, contact Macy at Community Education (507) 417-2667! 

    We would LOVE to increase our class offerings! Do you have a special skill or talent? Ever thought about teaching a class? We are looking for instructors to teach a variety of general interest, recreational, and arts & crafts classes for adults. Please consider joining our team! Paid and volunteer positions available.