• Ms. Nelson (Grace), 3-5 year old Preschool Teacher in New Richland



    My name is Grace Nelson. I grew up right outside the town of New Richland, Minnesota. I am the second oldest of nine children in my family. Playing with and teaching my siblings new things is something I enjoyed very much growing up. This passion for teaching continued to grow. I became a paraprofessional in the NRHEG Public Schools district after graduating high school. This confirmed that I wanted to pursue a career in Education. I have spent these last four years studying education and this spring I graduated with a B.A. in Elementary Education K-6, Early Childhood Education, and a Preprimary endorsement. I love preschoolers because they are always excited to learn. They say honest and inspirational things that help me see the world through their eyes. I am excited and looking forward to making many new little friends and helping them discover more about the amazing world they are a part of through singing, dancing, painting, playing, reading and more!